Raw Heirloom Organic Dried Mangos

Our Heirloom Dried Mango Cheeks are sourced from a business that works directly with small family farms, cooperatives, and like-minded companies to find the freshest and highest quality organic Superfoods in the world while providing fair and living wages for their farmers. Our Heirloom Mango Cheeks come from an association of farmers in the Cajamarca region of the Peruvian cloud-forests. The farmers have been practicing organic farming since their establishment, assuring organic integrity of our Heirloom Mango Cheeks.

Once harvested, the fruit is dried in large metal tunnels for 22 hours. Because the fruit is slowly dried, the moisture content is ideal and the natural color is intact. This drying process ensures the mango flesh stays at 95 °F or below, preserving the fruit's natural enzymes and vitamins.It takes 13 lbs of fresh mango to produce 1 lb of dried mango. Bright golden in color, these mangos have a soft chewy texture and incredible sweetness.

A word from our vendor:

We work with growers to provide education and resources that lead to the organic certification of their crops. Our processing plants reflect our high standards for sustainability of communities, fairness in business, and superlative quality for our fruits.